Live Up To Your Potential

Live Up To Your Potential short poem

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What a sharp jab?
Oh God!
What is happening to me?
Why should I suffer like this?
And you go on and on,
Blame Him!
Otherwise what can you do better?
God has given you everything,
Name them, talents,
You can sing, dance, and so on,
But somebody tell me,
Have you utilized your talents?
The percentage of yes is low,
It’s so unfortunate,
We don’t even know our talents,
We sleep till our bodies hurt,
So shameful indeed

Who doesn’t like,
That moment of triumph,
You have done well and better,
Utilizing all your potential,
Everyone wants to be you,
The media looks for you,
And news is all about your success,
We like that don’t we?
It doesn’t just happen,
Hard work and patience,
Risk taking and opportunity taking,
You got to be ready,
To live up to your potential

Don’t know your talent?
Not a problem,
Just answer this one,
What do you like to do?
Just for fun,
It could be boring to others, you know,
That could be your talent,
Carson’s big thinking,
My dear friend,
Use your talent,
Expand job opportunities,
Make the world a better place,
Let all want to be you,
As where you are, success resides too,
That’s what I call,
Living up to ones’ potential

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