The Cry Of A Poor Mother

When in this deep poverty,
I look around and see the haves,
My heart burns with anger,
They have it all,
I have nothing,
They took everything away,
And we, the have nots,
Live in deep poverty,
Hardly affording three meals a day,
What life is this?

Someone tell me please,
What is our fate?
We have been born equally,
But the world differentiates us,
The haves and have nots,
Please someone tell me,
What world is this?
Haves, keep food, till it rots,
Have nots struggle to get just one meal,
How unfair…..

It is still in the morning,
But the sun doesn’t spare my body,
It burns my skin extremely,
My two babies are crying, they are hungry,
What do I do?
I have nothing left; even my milk has dried,
I have no tears either,
My soul burns in anger,
How do you watch your children die?
I have to beg, beg the rich,
To whom I am just but dirt,
What world is this?

Just a look at my body,
And my status in society tells it all,
Daily sacrificing for my young ones,
I cannot watch them desert this terrestrial,
As much as this world is unfair,
There is a glimpse of hope for them,
I will never give up,
I will fight for you my children,
Till I’m no more

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Krish Chatakondu

…….when we think best for others……. god is happy to be our slave…. when don’t ask me…. ? ….may be at the right moment…. no one knows except god about the right moment….. and sometimes those right moments come through people like you…


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