Sorrow After Infidelity

That night,
Together we ate the forbidden fruit,
With such a ravenous appetite,
No sorrow, no regrets,
Just smiles,
Holding each other tightly,
Like we’ll never let go,
No one else mattered,
Only we did.

Day by day,
Life seemed perfect,
Our night meetings,
Meant everything to me,
I had painted a picture of you,
Deep in my soul,
You were my strength,
Until the lie surfaced,
My heart died a million times,
And now,
I’m just a walking skeleton.

A year is gone,
And here I stand,
Beneath your remains,
Why Mina?
Why did you do this to me?
Pain & regret are my shadows now!

I had loved you,
Only I didn’t know,
You were the angel of death,
My dear wife is gone,
Along with our unborn twins,
What is life with no one?

You were so beautiful,
I, the son of David,
Couldn’t resist you,
Like a memorable song,
Your looks can never fade,
But you are a murder,
Murder I say!
What a tragedy?
For a few minutes of satisfaction,
You wrecked havoc,
Hope that someday,
They, our dear ones,
Can have mercy on us,
I am now tired,
I need to rest,
God willing,
We’ll meet again.

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