A Stride Beyond

A Stride Beyond short poem


Light casts shadows
Of all it finds
– Never its own !
You may dislike
Liking me;
But can’t stop me
Liking you !

Life, neither an analogy
Nor an anomaly,
It’s an imagery – all along ;
All left single, aloof and alone!
Others stand by you
When you stand strong !!.

Flying high in sky
Kite sees the World
Falling down and lie
Kite sees itself !

Stay ahead of us
Tens of thousands of years.
Most precious yet
The moment present!

Bees kiss and quit
The flowers for the next.
Nectar tasted never,
Sweeter than ever !

Love, – lovable than Love,
A cunning opportunist –
Of greed, grudge and lust !
-Fall in not, before test.

Spring calls on us
Bringing breeze at ease
Let us patch up hearts’
Frets, burns and wounds!
Let us bury the past
Left dull and dead !
Plant the pain now;
Reap the gain later !!

All come and go
Including I and you
Tides float the boat,
For the voyage next !

Come, closer than close
Unveil – mask and gloves.
United we stand….
Go hand in hand
For a stride…. beyond !
– To a world ….in-errant !!

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KKV Peringottukara.Official Name : K.K. VENUGOPALAN.Employed in M/s. J.M. BAXI & CO., Bhavnagar, Gujarat – India, as - Asst.General Manager (Branch Head)Social activities : Secretary - Bhavnagar Shipping Agents & Stevedores' Association. Patron - The Saurashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bhavnagar. Member - Trade Facilitation Committee, Bhavnagar Customs (Gujarat).Edu.Qlfn : M.A. E-Lit., P.G.Dip. in Biz.Mgmt, Dip. in Eng.Journ.Have fascination for Literature, mainly poetry. Writing Poems & Articles in various periodicals – both Malayalam & English. Published Three books of Poems in Malayalam (Jaithrayathra, Thenthullikal & Punarjjani). Belongs to Kerala State, Peringottukara, Trichur Dist.Wife : Radha Venugopal, Daughter : Viji Nithin, Son : Sujith Venugopal
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