Please, Why?

To the first guy, who ever made me cry.
May I ask you why?
You told me you love me,
But why did you make me feel like I could just die.

I didn’t really know,
If I should believe you or so.
I thought I didn’t feel the same,
When I told you “no”.

“I’m sorry”
Is all you have to say.
Even only with those words,
You can make me feel okay.

Why did you have
To go that far?
To say those words,
Is it really that hard?

I think I love you,
But I’m thinking again.
Are my feelings for you,
Worthy ’till the end?

I’m still hoping you’d tell me,
That I’ll be okay.
I’m still crying,
I hope you can come to me and hug me all day.

I may not tell you,
But I know it’s true.
You are the first guy,
Who made me feel this blue.

I’d say I hate you,
I’d say I don’t
Crying over you like this,
Your words I need to hear the most.

I’m not really sure yet,
About how I feel.
But I can assure you,
I’m falling for you so real.

I hope you’re fine,
And cleared up your mind.
Because seeing you like this,
Feels like the fault is mine.

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