The Voices

The Voices prose poem

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One haunting night, I traversed alone in a dark and lonely forest.
The stars above did their best to guide me,
But the canopy of branches blocked their light.
The sorrow-filled cries of wolves filled the silence,
And my heart yearned to return their cries.
Memories of my time there flooded my mind,
When the woods were filled with lust and passion.
These woods used to be the domain of the one who stole my heart in the secrecy of the night.
He would steal me away into these protective trees and make our love known to the stars alone.
But, he broke my heart as quickly as he stole it.
Silently, as the tears streamed down my eyes, the unseen wind enveloped me in its cold grasp.
It howled with grief and roared with laughter,
Like thousands of small voices filled the hollow void.
“You, with broken heart,” it mocked.
“You, with tear-stained face.
To set your pain free, you must set yourself free.”
Its eerie calm wrapped its arms around me,
Filling me with an unknown numbness.
The wind took me by the hand and led me to a cliff’s edge.
The water beating against the rocks struck like drums during a funeral march.
“Do it,” the voices beckoned.
“Be set free.”
What more have I to lose?
What more have I to live for?
One haunting night, I dug my watery grave in a dark and lonely forest.

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Kathryn Sain

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I've been writing poetry ever since middle school, but I've never really thought about releasing my work to the public until coming to college. Currently, I am studying music as my major and English as my minor.
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