Need Or Want

Need Or Want long poem

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Need or want
Want or need
What is it that you are to me?

Do I want you like a cool gadget?
Or do I need you like air?
What is the difference anyway?

Does a child want a cookie?
Or need love?

Does a dog want a toy?
Or need friendship?

Does a man want a partner?
Or does he need to fix his incomplete self?

A man tries to fix himself with many pieces.
Most pieces do not work, they simply do not fit.

Others may get tossed aside because from a glance they don’t look suitable.

Sometimes we try to forces these pieces together because we want them to fit.
But no matter how hard you try, you can’t force it.

The tricky part is that there is only one piece in the entire world that will fit.
And the key to knowing this piece when you see it is sandpaper.

Overtime the man gets tarnished and rough from all the mismatched pieces trying to fit.
The sandpaper can clear these blemishes away
It takes a keen eye to know when to use, but the with the sandpaper
The two pieces that seemed different
Find out that they couldn’t fit more perfectly

What is the sandpaper you may ask?
Well the paper is different for everybody

For some it’s a song
For others it’s their eyes
For many it’s more than one thing

But for me it’s the smile
When she smiles something strange happens.
I might as well be in space because I can’t see anything beyond her face.
The entire world does not exist accept for this beautiful thing in front of you
…and it feels great
It is such a powerful feeling that you often forget where you are
Talk about distracted driving

But, at first glance you will not feel this
The feeling only occurs after the sanding has started
The more the sanding, the more you connect, the stronger the feeling
It’s exponential

And you won’t know till it’s too late,
But when the realization happens
Oh, it will change your life

It will be frustrating and aggravating
Why is this all I see?
Am I going crazy?

But for some reason you don’t get mad
You don’t get worried
It is comforting

It is impossible to obtain this feeling from any piece
You only get it with THE piece
The One

Just like two pieces from the middle of a jigsaw puzzle
It might not look like they would ever go together

One is green the other is red
One is angular and orderly
The other jagged and chaotic

But the more life builds the puzzle around you
You know where these pieces go

I don’t want love
I don’t need a girl
I don’t deem it vital to be in a relationship
There might not be a word for it
But I do know
I don’t exist without you

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