On Independence Day

On Independence Day long poem

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See here came again
Independence Day with pain.
This day says that we are free
From bondage of British decree,
They troubled us with tyranny
And looted our mind and money,
Much blood was stained
And Our freedom was regained,
From the hands of British
So please listen to my wish.
Let us not waste independence
By doing filthy things twice or once.
See here came again
Independence Day with pain.
Let us keep our India clean
By removing dirt and glean.
Let us say only our pledge,
Else India will lie on stage,
Be honest and true from today
It is Independence Day.
Let us not play dirty politics
Try to live with some ethics.
India is my prosperous Nation
I will decorate it with my creation.
Much lies to You Present
To make India’s future ardent.
See here came again
Independence Day with pain.
We are in your strong hand
Make us healthy to stand.
Let present prosper and develop
With promise of fettle envelop.
We heard without tension
India is my beautiful nation.
We have dreams to live
In free India and survive.
Keep India free for future,
With full of valleys and nature.
Allow us also enjoy India freely
Waiting for our chance surely.
So once again urging oh Present:
Allow Future in India decent.
See here came again
Independence Day with pain.

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Sanket Jain

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I am a teacher in Divine Child School, Mehsana, Gujarat, India. I think I am a creative teacher. I always believe in "Pigs can fly."
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