Narragansett ode

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Feathery snow on tree bough gently shades,
the closing dark, wind through silent oak,
shadow’s stretch reaching o’er the twilight glades
an ever constant curdling chill evoke!
Frozen cheek, bitter cold and deadly still
lest fear betray the haven of the night,
she lay in wait clung tight to earthly strand
of hope. Terror stalking, a white heart’s shrill
pumping, a mind succumbing to her plight,
dagger, numb, in the clutches of her hand…

…Torchlight stalking, diffused on canvass white,
encroaching through the shafts of oaken trunk.
Approaching hooves bathed in powdery light.
Moonlight culled from whence the dancing light drunk.
Resistance from King Philip abated,
egregious thirst in madness, pursuant
of the remaining few who willed to stand.
Cold drawn steel and heartless lust not sated,
he hunted human prey. Riding fluent,
musket poised, in the cradle of his hand…

…Dawn woke the land with stealthy sullen reach,
vitriolic blanket of smoke and ash,
dull leaden skies of pallid solar breach,
snow coated in a frosted dull grey rash.
Alight with cautious striding steps beware,
paid heed lest lurking trouble try aggress,
the forest floor with weary eyes she scanned.
A mother’s anguish, recognized that there
sat her child; a reflection of distress,
dagger, still, frozen in her cold dead hand.

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Dwayne P

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I am a Canadian amateur artist and poet who discovered writing later in life after a lifetime fascination with English words and their history. From creating crossword puzzles as a child, playing Scrabble as an adult, as well as learning foreign languages, I never seem to be far from the assembly of a group of words. I tend to use creative writing as an outlet from the mundane aspects of my vocation which is rife with technical writing. Many of the poetry subjects I write about are historical in nature and were written with enough information and clues for the reader to discover what the piece is about. I often try to bury hidden meanings or extra themes within the prose including the occasional visitation by a line of alliteration. Other poem subjects are inspired by events that have been encountered in my life or have been derived out of the requests made by others.
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