Smoke To Safe

What a peaceful doze was it,

Tied every bit,

Who knew we would wake up to fire and smoke?

Dreadful shout, our lungs out, of the choke,

Why no one came to our rescue we cried,

We cried and cried and cried,

There were so many doors right next to us,

Why all denied help, we fuss,

full of smoke, Oh terrible smoke,

Preparing our poison oak,

I would not leave my loved ones to die,

I decided not to say goodbye,

I could feel my love so close,

Right there we froze,

Trying every bit he knows,

Fresh air was the only thing we craved,

For us to be saved,

Our cries grew louder and louder,

More than the Baga sand power,

LORD was our only hope,

To rush and be safe and later cope,

To be alive and scope,

When I prayed out to you O LORD,

You sent Gabriel from up above, a reward,

We heard people banging door, to save us,

Quantum of happiness arrived,

Though breathing deprived,

Our lives concuss, bang it was a powerful knock,

The one to applaud and lock,

Over the frantic shock,

Thank you LORD for your awesomeness,

Without which we were in a mess,

When we were out of the smoky room,

A rebirth from mother’s womb,

We smelled like fume, not our perfumes,

Praise be to the most holy,

We were going to be okay slowly, slowly,

We knelt and prayed to give thanks,

To the Lord at most high ranks,

We were alive, only to thrive,

Life for sure completely changed,

Will ensure future be well arranged,

Live every moment of who you are,

Be your own czar,

Life will never happen to you again,

So break all the chains,

And comprehend, when they say no pain no gain,

Each moment celebrate life, with no strife,

Be a better person and grow for there is never a TOMORROW.

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