A Letter For All Of You

A Letter For All Of You long poem

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I heard so many complaints
That is from all of you
“you don’t call me
you don’t have time to receive my call
how do you recall me
you have forget me to go other states
thank you so much for recalling me”

I know these types of complaints you have
May be you are fully true in your own way
But i am not fully wrong
All of you think that i have forgotten your support and care
But no, i recall you all till my last breath
I couldn’t call you
Because of our schedule
That differ from each other
Trust me
I know, you all became my inspiration
When i was upset
I know, you all became my happiness
When i had no way to keep smile
I am far away from all of you
I also want to come and meet you
But the time wants something else
Please understand me
I need your encouragement and support
Don’t be upset with me
You all are my motivation
You all those, who inspire me a lot
May be your anger have forgotten me
But i remember you always

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Madhu Bhagat

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I learns to everyday of my life.I like to read novel and magazine.I believe in hard working.I always wanted to be a writer,not great,but whatever I write that should touch the heart of readers.It's my wish.I love to be story teller.I narrate many stories in my university.People says the style of mine is like Nilesh Mishra.I write and recite many shayari.There are so many things i wants to say but not this way,but in my poetic way.My page is also on Facebook,which name Contemplation and Kuch Innovative.Follow me in Google+.This is a brief introduction of myself. If you are interested in knowing me more, read my articles,poems and my quotations or take a look at my pictures.education: Banasthali Vidyapith,BJMC
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