Take A Lover

Take A Lover long poem

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“Take a lover” she said
As if it were my choice.
As if there would be a line-up
and I would walk along it and grab a lover by the hand,
turn calmly to the audience and state,
“This one is mine. Thank you.”

“Take a lover” she said
and in my mind I pictured him
bare backed, lying among the sheets.
His eyes dazed with passion
his lips swollen with lust.
This is my lover,
eyes hooded by thick lashes.
Skin smooth under my finger,
hands coarse in contrast.

“Take a lover” she said
and I took her advice.
I grabbed my lover by the hand
and to the sheets we fell.
The world we closed off for little whiles at a time,
but it would always come knocking.
Reminding us that in the daylight,
in the reality that waited just outside that door,
we were no more than polite.

“Take a lover” she said
yet now I wonder if she forgot a warning,
if her sentence were left incomplete?

From the line-up I claimed my lover,
but I never proclaimed to the audience that he was mine
and from the world he hid that passion in his eyes.

“Take a lover” I say
“But ensure that he will also love by day.”

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