Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe short poem

Uploaded by Prachi S Vaish

One night, one day
Two different kisses
One Sun, one sky
Two galaxies

No door from one to another
No pathway through space
Yet, in a daze I travel,
From one to the other
In this twin exit maze

Days and nights are so much longer
One doesn’t merge with the other
It’s not seamless from dawn to dusk
Because in one there’s you,
In the other there’s another

And yet, there’s music
The notes they don’t falter, they flow
I play one tune then another
And discover what it’s like to have an alter ego

There is dark and there is light
There is prose and there is verse
A constant battle, yes, but strangely there’s no fight
In my parallel universe.

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Prachi S Vaish

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I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, writer and a restless soul. When my soul stirs, it brings up thoughts where mere prose does not suffice, and hence verse pours forth; that's how my poems take shape.
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