The Confused Childhood

The Confused Childhood long poem

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She was the pride of her father
The brightest star of her class
He showed her skills off
To everyone visiting
Curious she was as ever
Asking questions till
answers she would gather
Something happened one day
She changed so much for good that day
Whenever she would ask
They would shut her up
Like coffee finished from a cup
You are a girl they said
Talk less and ask less
So started her journey
Always afraid to ask
Confidence lost in every task
She knew the answers but would not tell
Anxious if she was wrong and they would yell
Curling herself in a shell
Could not unscramble the little riddle
Why for her mom she was second fiddle
Big brother always had an upper hand
And in a soup she had always to land
She had no escape for her thoughts but herself
Her tears only she could fathom
She wished to be pampered by them
But all in vain
Elder ones treated her as invisible
Laughing her off as a kid little
That hurt her so much
She wished she would vanish
And the world she could banish
She longed for one sweet word
One word of praise she begged
Her childhood was getting rigged
Not a thing correct she could do
She could barely speak a complete sentence
Without the fear of stammering
She could not talk on phone
She could not look in the eye
Submissive she had become
Now she had turned into
A stupid girl who knew nothing
Could do nothing perfectly
She had wings but could not fly
She always dreamed of the sky
Her thoughts so vivid
But none would know
Had the people let her grow
She would have flown with the flow
With what her heart desired
For which she had so much fire
But she kept to herself for the unknown ire
They came they went
Not a thing was bent
She still is the same
But stronger than what was their game
She is trying hard to live her dreams
Finally that she got wings
Now she can fly far
No there ain’t no scar
She is free of all her fear
Her speech suddenly became clear
Looking in the eye and talking
Pain of her childhood
Is not in the stalking
Like a breeze she blows
Like waves she grows
And she cares no more now
Her path leads her to
Somewhere no one has dreamt of and how!!

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Confused long poem

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