Bruised Within

Bruised Within short poem

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Her face used to have a happy smile, but now it has a vacant stare
New years are a time for celebration, but for her it was a humiliation.
She became a toy in the hands of revellers, who felt she didn’t have any emotion
A figure to whet egos, to soothe ruffled feathers.
Those who believe that a ‘she’ can’t have a mind of her own.
What she wears should be comfortable for others.
Her skirt length should be measured , lest it attract attention.
She can land on moon, launch rockets
Lead nations, invent but should remain two steps behind
For she is a woman.
All those paeans to progressive outlook
Lose their sheen, with predators around.
And till the mind-set changes
Someone, somewhere will be bruised within and remain
Another nameless figure on a blank page of life.

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prema balaji

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I am a teacher and love to write in my spare time. I worked for a while as a journalist but now find teaching children to be my true calling.
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