Confused long poem

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confused, confusion you say its one two in the same..
you say we’re one two in the same
i do not believe you, you lied before.. what have you to gain?..
can u tell me through this pain?.. while im in pain?.. im in pain..

tell me that im wrong or if im not?.. then what are you saying?..
this is a battle.. im forgive and forget?.. to suffice..?
live right you say?.. enjoy life..
feel the rays of the sun in the summer?.. smell the flowers in spring?
just stop right there now .. your confused, to me..

confused to me, is defined through me.. you have no right judging me..
and the way i think.. what i believe.. oh but you will….
should i confess to you what i been through?.. what i go through?..
should i confess to you my sins?.. why are you even here?..
no one likes you .. i dont know you.. who are you?.. i hate you.. im confused..

confusion is whats inside my mind.. a lost of reality..
maybe its my time?.. im looking at you..but i can see myself.. why?
dont look at me that way.. now you wanna cry? drop tears?..
oh? now you wanna die?
just turn around and go away..because you win.. you dont know what i mean, what i seen.. or where
i been, so i lose.. you dont understand just go.. let us remain confused if you choose

Ohh? youve been abused? youve been used? called a fool?
and you think i have not?.. its the way of this earth..
or maybe? lifes plot..

your caught.. i knew “perfect.. is what you are not.. and one
day you too will quit.. i did..with no shame.. im done theres
no burning flame.. you still dont understand me?.. your letting your confusion
lead your way?.. then ok.. stay confused.. let them call you a fool..
act brand new..

ohhh.. i remember you

i still do not believe you.. youve lied to me before, now i remember.. i had forgot..
but in the beginning i had not.. im confused and im confusing you, i see you listening..
your looking in my eyes.. your gonna lie and act ignorant.. then bye..
. ok stop.. Wait.. come closer..i need you to know.. that when im gone or if im gone?..
that i never cared.. im sorry… i hurt you.. you always knew what was right..
i ignored you cause i hated you.. thats why you never saw me in the the light
just know i was confused.. are u confused? or do you realize?.. can you see me now?
im gonna walk into the light.. i want to get to know you better this time..

i love you.. ive realized.. or am i still confused?.. i feel a little dizzy ..
is it normal?.. Are you still with me..? touch my hand.. where did you go?.. i needa see
your face? ohh.. there you are.. your on the wall? but.. who put you in this place?..
lets go..your my only way..your the only one who cares..
im sorry i didnt believe you..but its because when i see you.. you lie.. and i dont know what to do without you
but get lost n confused.. but i try

why cant you you come with me?.. thats why i hate you.. im always alone .. i try to be
loyal to myself and do right.. ok fine stay..
What do you mean you cant go?

your a mirror? i been talking to myself?.. stop lying.. you always lie to me.. i know youve always been there..
No? when i see you?.. its just my relection?

confusion is growing in my heart and in my mind.. now that you mention.. i thought you lied?.. i apologize..

im looking everywhere but theres not one person in sight.. you dont exist? feeling a little amused.. and now my thoughts are racing.. mind lost.. still confused

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