Let’s Talk To Them, And Listen more

Let’s Talk To Them, And Listen more short poem

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Our children…our youth, let’s talk to them and listen more.
Outer behaviour is all, we try to cure
There’s more behind, we need to explore.
Let them cry, laugh and express, all they want to pour
As caregivers and mentors, we must never close any door.
We are by their side, for them to share more.
And of this, let them be very sure.
This alone, can help their present and future,
become safe and secure
Our children, our youth, let’s talk to them and listen more.
There’s enough in this world, that tries to allure
even the more mature
Every mistake can be made good;
please do reassure
Our children, our youth , let’s talk to them and listen more.
What they become to impress others, is fashion no more.
What lies within and pure
is the true wealth, they need to insure.
An exam or contest, whatever they score
Happiness lies right where they are,and not elsewhere to adore.
Our children, our youth, let’s talk to them and listen more.
It can be fun, but not a joke anymore;
let this be real, and not a folklore
Our children, our youth, let’s talk to them and listen more.

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