Nothing But Abandoned

Nothing But Abandoned ode

Uploaded by Brandon

Reporting my story to you
Live on CNN the Cable Network News
Interviews with Christiane Amanpour
So ambitious she wants to write my memoir

Like TmZ hasn’t already asked for more
Even though I’m so unknown
Boy from the projects came up from poor
All I ask is you hear me out don’t applaud

I’m from a place where the road is cracked
Where black is black like white ain’t invented yet Stained by pain and kissed by torture
Screams, gunshots, kill to prove you’re a man

Blah blah blah bullet shells everywhere
Ducking I’m on floor hiding away from death
Bodies on the ground non of these people care
Curtains close, doors lock 6pm its crime time

Back at the house where most would call home
Feeling so neglected and alone
Afraid to smile back there the sun don’t shine
It mostly rained lighting struck I don’t know why

Cry cry cry my tears won’t stop
Man if you could only taste the life I left behind
Die die die hustle boy goodnight sweet lullaby
Work your way up or turn to the dark side

Oxford right on time help me get my grades up
The streets are trying to pull me back down
Like a jet with no fuel I’m crash landing too
Helicopters on the loop trying to get a scoop

My family sat me on a chair bragging my pain
They calling me names, a child of regret
I even heard useless and stupid too
Oh man if they knew what they were doing to the little you

Neighbors doing walk by’s to see my demise
Friends taking shots just sell me on youtube
Such dummies laughing at the poor
These boys is spending their families fortunes

I make mine from all that hell I’m going through
I’m sorry your sorry just won’t do
Apology not accepted now watch me bury you
Put that on google now How’s that for a scoop

Mother gave birth to a boy
Father beat me to the point I became a soldier
Brother stabbed me in the back
I raised myself into a man

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