Strings And Frets Plucks And Strums

Strings And Frets Plucks And Strums long poem

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano

My acoustic six strings
Where have you been
A piece of wood a group of strings
Maplewood rosewood
Nylon steel
You even have a gold plating
It keeps me wondering

So pure so sweet
I pluck you I strum you
I even fret at you
You seem to buzz at first
But then you give way
And all I want is flats and sharps
The harmonics the loops
You hide so much within you
Scales and chords
melodies and songs
All that rhyme and those do not

Never a dull moment with you
By the campfire
By the beach or on the hill
You are a buddy a friend for life

Just stay in tune and play to the beat
Never miss an A to a G or C to a D
Fingerstyle sounds so nice
so does chucking and muting
tapping and barring
Sus two or four there are sounds galore
You play it right you play it wrong
It always gives you a chance

Your saddle your bridge
Your pegs and pins
Easy to fix all your strings
You need no amp
just play along
Your soundhole big and deep
I now know you are the heart
Hollow yet so strong

With the pick you play
Some do without
Calluses you give
Fingers you make bleed
Barre chords not so giving
But the ears know no pain
Just music of my six strings

More power to power chords
A fifth it is called
Sounds heavy and full of bass
I would never let you in your case
Arpeggios I play and you love what I do
So the more I play the more you do

Major minor sevenths et al
All sound a wee bit different
Not easy at all
Pentatonic is easy and sounds so cool
Easier than the heptatonic
2 less too good

Heavy metal punk rock and roll
You sound so bright you sound so clear
You take me to another world
Where there is no worry
Where there is no fear!!

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