Lost Or Stolen?

Finding that green dot beside his name,
The heart said”aah he is finally back again”!
Shall I text ?or shall I wait?
The dilemma continues till date.

Best friends he said,once we were…
Then why all of sudden it went off air?
Was it a “just” or is it a density?
The question still remains unanswered to me…

The most awaited day finally came!
But with the most unwanted ignorance…!
The green dot kept shinning the whole night..
Nothing but the egoes had a fight.

Ego?? He is not into it I supposed.
Then what was it ? The question again arose.
Days passed turning into months…
And now my wait to him was a fun.

Good to find,my friendship is replaced.
You are constant,someone else took my place.
Once a doubt,now quite sure.
The friendship didn’t remain secure!

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