A World With Unity

A World With Unity short poem

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When I close my eyes at night there is darkness. When my eyes open in the morning there is light. I pray that the world will experience a brightness of fortitude where all men, all women, and all animals can roam the earth in peace without fear or limitations.
May the ones who govern the world find a way for us all to co-exist within the spheres that have separated us.
Only patience and strength can help us find the answer.

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Yolanda Kinlock

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Yolanda Kinlock is a freelance writer; she enjoys writing about passion, pain, fear, humor, the reality of everyday life, and controversy. Yolanda Kinlock is the author of the book Poems of Reality: The Experiences of Life. Her strong passion for writing developed when she was very young and continues to grow in her adult life. She is currently working on her second book of short stories and poetry. Yolanda Kinlock graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology. In addition, she earned her Associate of Science degree in Business Administration from LaGuardia Community College.
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Dr.Indu Nautiyal

Beautiful write-up , let me share your feelings in wishing to see a world so desirable and worth living . It feels nice to find someone having the same line of thinking . Ishall be happy if you read my poem ‘SHARE MY DREAM ” on this platform only .

Yolanda Kinlock
Yolanda Kinlock

Thank you so much, and I will read your poem “Share My Dream”.

Yolanda Kinlock
Yolanda Kinlock

Hello Dr. Indu Nautiyal, I read your poem “Share My Dream”, it is such a beautiful poem.

Yolanda Kinlock
Yolanda Kinlock

Thank you.



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