Saga With Durga

Saga With Durga short poem

Photo by Debarshi Ray

They were fated to face that minor road mishap
The vehicle got tripped due to use of sudden brake
It was August 1997, when my parents traveled by that cab
Ignoring evil Oman earlier, my father left home without shake

Both of my parents got internal injuries only
Bedded at hospital, my father spoke to mother
about his unlikely chances of survival, so openly
as the gloomy situation turned to become tougher

Father affirmed annals of the affairs of the family
Fortunately she was conscious initially but started to sink
Medical care failed and my father succumbed to, so shortly
Miserably mother too deteriorated as she could not even blink

Mortal remains cremated, though mother remained unaware
Miseries mounted as she started to shake and suffer, abnormally
It led to her shifting to a specialty hospital nearby, to get a better care
In spite of intensive care, our woes and worries witnessed to weigh wildly

Few days of treatment passed like this inconclusively
Fading was not the hope, as she responded occasionally
Doctors did not hint the chances of her revival, even casually
Determined were our efforts to save, though tend to be tragically

It was the midnight of one day, tho’ we were indifferent
Inside, stayed with my mother was my eldest sister, as aide
Awfully affected mother was invoked to implore that ‘immortal incident’
as a ‘unique young Girl’ entered that room with furious eyes, open so wide

She seen my mother straightly and mother too witnessed
She walked fast from left to right, just a round, around the bed
A whip She raised, shouting, “who came to take soul of mine” and chased
at the One lying silently in the floor before the cot, under mother’s feet, as jobbed

He was an unseen, dark colored creature, in the size of two men
He woke up wordlessly and bowed down piously at Her and howled,
“Oh Mother Durga! Save me!! I shall not come again” and at Her feet, fallen
On the spot, the ‘unique young Girl’ daintily disappeared as assented Him to be fled

Witnessing in the wee hours all along was my mother, so elated
With a substantial sweating in her body, she could wake up my sister
Divine visit of Goddess Durga to chase the lord of death-Yama, was narrated
Disbelievably, all parameters of her body became normal, as she became better

We too were taken aback with wonder as worries waned
With dawn, the visiting doctor too was mystified at this miracle
She was discharged on the very same day, as a new chapter dawned
She could share this ‘true story’ leisurely later, only with our family circle

Ranked as ‘star singer’ on the gestures and glories of Goddess Durga
regularly and rigorously, she sings since childhood, in our village festival
Such sacrifice and sincerity only has sanctioned her to script such a sacred saga
She has been set to live and lead as an acclaimed octogenarian, to this day’s arrival

To compile numerous songs on the god and goddess, she is blessed
Tuned with rhymes and rhythm in Tamil language, with a venerable voice
Each song would take the audience to visualize what it meant and professed
Even at this advanced age, she choose to sing in the festival that easily entice

My mother ‘Lakshimi’s faith is never restricted to Hindu gods alone
Mindfully she lits incense sticks before the picture of Jesus in our home
To witness her submission of ‘country sugar’ to our Church, I too was the one
Truthfully, our relationship with the Muslim community too, is strong and sublime

Fervently, father had catered to the needs of finance
Flawlessly, mother moulded the souls of her ten children
Sure, she is a ‘supreme symbol of sacrifice’ with substance
Significantly indebted are her heirs, for what she has graciously given

Uniquely, for the last two decades, she remains hale and healthy
Unless and until assented by the Goddess Durga, she is set, not to die!
Above is a ‘true event’ of an epic encounter experienced, exalted as worthy
Also surely shows the guarded gratitude of the Goddess, when death tries to tie!

One is free to worship any god of one’s interest and faith
Overwhelming belief and faith, brings such god for your sake, to wait
Definitely to save you on each and every distress and trouble, forthwith
Do the above ‘actual appearance’ advocates the above theme, clearly with credit ?

We may worship god either in a form or formless
Weirdly, goddess Durga adored a singer as ‘Her own soul’
This act shall confirm how such god awaits to boundlessly bless
True, such unlimited number of forms is helpful, if you are faithful

If you kneel down before god, you shall stand before anyone
If you faithfully believe in the god, fearlessly you can go anywhere
Just because we could not see god, few may plead that god is none
Just like my mother, believe firmly! Be assured of the grace everywhere!!

Poet’s note: This is a Poetic presentation of a True story!

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Blessed with the chance to be nurtured with the nature, the Author hails from a small town, downhill the Western Ghats of India. He is a double Post Graduate -in Commerce and in Management and also a Graduate in law. He is a Civil Servant serving the Government of India in the rank of Deputy Commissioner. He has published 14 (Fourteen) Collections of poetry (in English). 11 Books were published during 2014, 2 during 2015 and 1 during 2017. These 14 eBooks cover a host of genres and are live at
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