He, Destiny

He, Destiny short poem

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He sits in a room with no windows, the air stagnates rapidly and with no fresh air.
Impossible for anyone to animate inside, he ponders how he got there.
Mismatched furniture, like his soul, he has had seen better days
The truth of the matter, he’s lost beyond words, tears flow unrestrained down his left cheek and trickles from his chin.
He hears the sounds of his soul, like a distraught creature, hollers from the inside.
Rocking slowly, thinking, he has been around, praying for a better tomorrow.
This life he is living feels unrealistic.
The ancient chocolate tumbledown wreck, emptiness surrounds the four corners, turning it into ice.
Pressure from the world, that no one understands, hoping for the warmness to return.
Guess it’s time for him to be real and comprehend the verity that lies within him.
Push out all the different thoughts bestowed on him. Only he can be the light he wants to be.
He makes his way to the door, wishing for the honeycomb-yellow light of the sun.
A glowing medallion in the sky, the sun hits his face and he realises, this is it.
He is not the things happening around him, He is not the shattered pieces that desire to define him
Wholeness is what he looks for and only he has the willingness to see the truth.
The turning point and guilt, the point of no return, he visualises a life that’s satisfying, taking it each moment at a time.
This is the life he knows, for his life can change and he can be the destiny he seeks.

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Shahieda Samson

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Business Analyst, Part-time Custom Jewellery Designer and Self-proclaimed poet.
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