Speak! My love to tell of how, this arc of circled light
Might break upon darkness to dawn with unrequited might.
Despair! Rides upon the night, unseen, unfelt, rich with life
Through unwanted correspondence pain cuts with a knife
To light thine eyes, to feel thy touch, to cry thy heart.

Unsullied and with vigour, unrelieved and without pardon to set aside,
Each manner of affectation to tell this tale to speak of ordinary love,
Such as without forbidden bounds and in circuit retrieved, to retreat, to implore
Unabashed, without shame for he who would gain a World to rule and a heart to govern would thee Gladly embrace and upon such love implore:
This, to be my prayer.

Held aloft without recourse to brightness or reflected in darkness would fall
Beneath the sky to assume the gentle flight and purpose of lark and finch
And feathered antiquity, that stands witness to all that has been done
And all that remains to be done in a World unlit and with Redemption’s fiery fist
And bold intention shall assume a new day,
And a new order beat from past and exuberant folly.
It shall instead reveal none of nightshade’s burning but instead Of Nightingale’s Soothe
His comfort and promised Peace, a stage upon which are set lies
Without redemption, love without limit and a chorus that like bluebells would proclaim
A dainty beauty and distinguished majesty, when none would be unrequit of circumstance and material ease.

And this is no prophetic Faith as any who may prophecy a moon or the glorious break of day that follows imperious night, for day will always follow shade as love
Will always seek to heal the loss and purpose of mingled hope and damage disarrayed.
Set beyond bound of human forbearance that might survive the deprivation of Darkness.

A day will break. A sweep of light to unleash a harsh rebuke as fortunes’ arc of propagation
Will restore a balance that will delight the hungry, the homeless, the destitute, the broken, the forged, Those underscored with hatred and division.
For there was no child born peace or war that was in name or lack, deprived of Earthly Home.
The blood and gore that whelped to life an invitation to abundance
No omen lacking human substance, no demarcation for race or class or gendered hate.

And this is how we are and any who would seek to stand above one shall forever be condemned
To lie beneath all.

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