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This is my home

large, colorful, abstract
real paintings on the wall
a reflection or deflection from the self?

Light gasping for life
emitting from the lamp
brushing past the faces so bright

This is my home
A sanctuary of could have been
with a dream of what it is going to be

A home within concrete walls
Gray hues, dark shadows
Lurking around
That’s not how it is going to be

You know,
There is a green carpet
with a geometrically pattern rug resting atop,
wood floor clicking the toes, making music

silence in the hall way filled with attar of outsiders…
they are there but…
Not here, not forever

Shaping a form in a womb
Of nurturing
Home is a nest for
Us to rest

Familiar sound of audio command
in the background,
fingers on keyboards,
writing away the frivolous, not so!!!
when jotting down thoughts is an ordeal

Sitting across the table
Nibbling on food
Is my present
Gnawing at the future

Smirking, Gloating and theatrically
Laughing at fate’s cruel jokes
Rotten meal
Couldn’t make us fall apart

It made us closer
It made us inhale in scarcity
It made us struggle in tears
It made us stronger
It made us feel at home

In arms of comfort
In length of a test
We sat down to take
Key holes cracking
With keys that don’t belong

We don’t let them barge in
We can’t call it a burglary
We welcome them
To gaze at us
To examine us
To dissect us

yet we remain the residents
Residents of our homes
In your country
With love, we received
hate we consumed

We don’t pass it on
We aren’t contagious
We are at home, strangers
Getting to know each other more
Closely and intimately

So much so
You can’t come in between
You can’t stand beside
And no you can’t whisper discord

We know where we live and
How far off we are to others
But we know we will survive
In this home, forever
Not within the concrete walls
But inside the hearts
This is my home

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No one can burst the bubble of my dreams, still a hopeless believer, uncanny writer, obsessive lover and as crazy as your whacked up imagination...
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