The Proposal

The Proposal long poem

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I love your confidence & your style.
I love the way you gaze me & smile.
I love your lips when they touches me for a while & also your shining little Chinese eyes.
I love you when you say “BETU” you are mine.
I love you for wiping the tears from my eyes.
I love you the way you hug me so tight
Warmth of your love & your touch therapy takes away my all the worries & makes me perfectly fine.

I Love you when you read my mind & your guesses about anything are mostly right.

I am the monsoon rain you are the spring
You are the most adorable person I have ever met
Though we are not similar in most of the things but we are together because of mutual love & the perfect understanding.

You are so charming
You are so bright
I find my choice is perfectly right.

To trust you for me is like trust in my lord
I expect from you that you will never break my trust ‘SWEETHEART’.

I love you for the sober, responsible, mature nature of yours
Which compliments the artless behaviour of yours.

I love you when you sing for me a song & I always catch the right feelings whether your voice get rough or the lines of your song are wrong.
Your this kind of fake & filmy act really impress me a lot.

I love the way you make me understand the complicated things
I love you when you pamper me like I am the small kid.

I love you when you promise me something & try to fulfil it with full dedication.
You grab my all the pains,problems & tensions & blow them away from me just like the magician.
Sometimes I get so confused, whether you are a human or an angel.

I love you for the important lessons of life you taught me
I respect you for your unconditional love for me.
I also respect you for your genuine nature,true care & purity.
Your love for me always compel me to love you & respect you more deeply.
You inspire me to face all the hard moments & live every second of life cheerfully.

Through your way love came in my life.
Love has changed beautifully me & my life.
The divine love,the cutest love,the sweetest love I found in you.
You are so wonderful
The love is you.
For all the lovely, unforgettable, romantic moments of life &
also for completing me & filling so much love into my life,
from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.

You always actuate me,to do better in my life.
I always admire your positive attitude towards life.
You are the most influential person in my life.
I am quite passionate about you
In as far as you captured my soul as well as my mind.

All the lovely relations I found in you
You have the qualities to be a most eligible spouse
You are a freaky , possessive lover,unpredictable lover
A genuine friend, A sincere advice
But before all that you are a very good human being with a very soft heart
You are my personal Santa clause.

I know I hurt you lots of the time & by making fretty faces spoiled the beautiful moment of our life.
Every time I blamed you for all the problems in my life.
Neither you hate me nor you complained
Every time you forgive me ,for the mistakes I have did.
Today I regret for all the fake arguments, disloyalties, cheating & lies.
Please do flush out all the bad memories & accept my sincerest apology.

You love me like this forever & I promise you that I will spread the fragrance of love in your life.
I promise to fill all the joy & happiness in your life.
Just give me one chance “DEAR” to start the new beginning.
I will prove myself to be your best choice
One day you will arrogantly say this pretty girl belongs to me
She made my life
I am so lucky that she is my “WIFE”.

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