You long poem

Photo by Skinned Mink

“Hey you”
What are you?
I have really forgotten myself,
you stepped into my life,
I have felt life around me,your single look
Had snatched away my existence
I feel your existence deep in my heart.
You have touched My soul
now my soul is in search for you everywhere
You and your heart is my entire universe
when I look into your eyes
I travel through you, I feel like I’m lost
I have died in myself ,I’m living in you
I feel you in everything, that you have touched
You touched my soul and left
it was very peaceful,I would die,of this peace,
I’m afraid of this peace,
I’m wandering like a lost and wounded person
in your territory.
hey you,who are you?
my heart started beating for you
I gave you my crown to rule over my heart
you know?
my heart is asking so many questions
what you had done to it?
why your heart is silent?
can’t you see my heart is bleeding?
a king rules over his land as he want,
your thoughts allows me to feel you
when I think about you
more and more I own you,
hey you..!
you are for me,only for me
in a way,
I would lose each time ,to win you
hey you
you have passed by me
so closely
that I felt you through my senses
why you made this heart an empty place
there is a beautiful Ache
that has torn my soul
left my soul so alone
there is intense pain in my heart
that kills me,that keeps me alive
every day I live ,everyday I die
I’m in the cage, the same place
where you left ,seized by my soul.

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