Off The Cliff

Off The Cliff long poem

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A narrow path with cliffs on the sides,
I am walking along it since a time —
Unaccountable… the path veil’d by
Mist ahead! I see no end, neither can
I relive that time when I started…

Dark cloaked strangers passing by —
Some hurrying figures; some sluggish ones,
I’m alone and ever was, since —
I register… and I’m afraid to fall off
The cliff… as there’s none to hold on to!

Coming from the Unknown and moving
Towards Unknown! I long to stop
For a while; to cling to what I behold now
All that seems familiar… Even if
Only for a while… But–

These grotesque figures passing by–
Distract me! I see them moving
Mindlessly… and some too fast and
Some too slow are often falling–
Down the cliff– and this Scares me!!

But does this really scare me?
I wonder it is hardly so…
A crude comfort covers my mind–
None to hold on to and none to wait for!
A final freedom from this goalless stroll

Or perhaps not!– Yet another journey
Would start! A far more mundane may it be–
Or lonely even more… But at least
A break I wonder… May be something new
Is awaiting; something good–

Tempted now I’m to get off this cliff!
Maybe something’s awaiting me or nothing!
Even better… No hopes and expectations
Just to miss a step and enter eternal emptiness–
Here I go away from this humdrum–

Off the Cliff–

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