Our Poetic Bond (Thank You Kenneth!)

Our Poetic Bond (Thank You Kenneth!) news and updates

Every poet is a dreamer.

Sometimes these dreams go beyond the self and that is how HighOnPoems happened; it is a venture of love and passion started by such dreamers and poets. We have tried to provide a premium platform for poets to create a niche for themselves in the cyber world where their work ise showcased and remain as their legacy for all times to come.
What started with our own selves and our poems and those of friends and family has now found global footprints on our site with a repository of over 10000 poems and 5000 poets from across the world; in fact it is a matter of pride to us that we have more readers and poets from the international community than the local diaspora. This tells us that words which speak and touch hearts know no boundaries and our dreams have found their wings.
This review of our website by Kenneth Miller in the magazine Pittverse brings a warmth to our hearts. We feel that all those endless days and nights we have spent creating, editing and showcasing poetry, without knowing where we would reach have been worthwhile… we are on the right path.. one that leads to the heart of poetry lovers across the world.

Thank you everyone! We will continue to spin our dreams and give yours a place on HighOnPoems.com

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HighOnPoems is a creative platform for amateur poets to publish and share their work by being a part of the most vibrant poetry community. Our objective is to encourage poets thereby enhancing communication within the literary fraternity. We urge poets to write, share their work, communicate with fellow poets and live the poetry experience to the fullest. At HighOnPoems, we are constantly striving to foster sharing of self written poetry amongst friends, bring in diverse themes, varied forms of poems and a lively forum where poetry can be discussed to no limits.
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Our Time

Our Time short poem

Sometimes it seems like life rushes by No time to laugh, no time to cry Good times come, bad times go We’ve learned to love, and we’ve learned to grow My friends and I have become as one But when

Quick Heal – Our Friend Part 2

Quick Heal – Our Friend Part 2 short poem

The world of viruses come With lots unwanted gum. Quick Heal is a family album Where I can reject all scum And freely continued my rhumb. Viruses for all are season autumn, Looking into browsers is alum, Inserting memory cards

Quick Heal – Our Friend Part 1

Quick Heal – Our Friend Part 1 short poem

In the world of viruses criminatory Quick Heal is the best category Which I chose as my advisory And freely continued my story. Viruses made my PC dilatory; Looking into browsers defamatory, Inserting memory cards accusatory, Unsafe browsing was dormitory

Our Innocent Years

Our Innocent Years short poem

Our innocent years and times gone by I remember too well when I was a child. Eating ice cream and playing hide and seek climbing trees and scuffed knees. Apple pie my gran would bake, Toffee apples and strawberry cake.

We All Are On Our Own

We All Are On Our Own short poem

It was a dark evening, the sun already gone, clouds were turning black, only few houses’ lights were on, Rain had started, sky was ready for a thunderstorm. I saw in the street, a girl waking alone, she was slow,