This Is Not What I Was Expecting

This Is Not What I Was Expecting short poem

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This is not what I was expecting
Definitely not you.

A girl of few words
Yet so free, she didn’t need me
But she let me into her world.

She let me see her favourite place,
her favourite people,
and the most recent place she called home
She let me into her space,
but that seemed easy for her
Her mind on the other hand,
her thoughts
That was her secret place.

Many nights I’d wonder,
and my thoughts would run mad
I guess I always doubted what we had,
would last
Because good things never do
(not for me anyway)
They never do,
And this,
felt too good.
So it didn’t.

But I guess that’s what I get,
for thinking that for one second,
I’d know what was next.

Because now I’m sure that while she’s moved on,
I’m stuck here thinking,
“This is not what I expected”
But I’m glad I’ve been infected,
By the memories,
of you.

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Using poetry to express all the things I wish I could say. I write about my experiences, mostly linked to the relationships with those around me. I hope you enjoy me bearing my soul.
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