The Diary

The Diary short poem

I wept at your funeral, saddest to the core of my heart…
At home I found your diary…remnants of your soul;
You died so young! With so much to do,
The world needed you, so did I,
Why did you leave us and chose to die?
Why didn’t you give one last try?
All he wanted was to get heard,
And the cruel world thought of him as a little nerd;
Ah! My little boy now rests in peace,
He’s tired and now having the sleep of his life…
I question myself why, he had to end his life…in strife?
The world didn’t understand you; you were far above them…
(My little boy must have reached the gates…)
Your diary was the place you wrote all your stupid ideas,
Alas! You dreamt of a better world…
But something’s cannot be changed,
You’re now to be the eternal sunshine;
Your anger was justified, so was your ire;
Upon my little boy death inflicted its desire…
So rest in peace my boy, for your fight will be carried,
By your father,
Your dream will be realized someday,
Some things ought to change…

(By a remorseful father)

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Swathi Rao

Respect the differences. That is what balances the world.


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