About Love….

Love is neither optional, nor happens by choice.
It just happens, you either accept or deny,
Love can be at first sight or start at a goodbye plight,
Feelings arise, touching the skies,

A choice to act on them or be dumb,
Feelings cannot be controlled, but all actions can be gold,
Mind prevails, not to act? But, for how long they will not react?
People fall in and out of love,
Time will definitely talk, if you truly were in Love or….

I don’t believe in soulmates, no one is perfect, all are imperfect,
Love teaches us to love a person, the way they are with all imperfections,
Not to judge, all it needs is a little nudge,
Love them the way they are, with no bar and they never go far,
I believe in love, being in love, be loved and to love,

If feelings are true and honest, express them and don’t be dishonest,
Show the real you, authentic self, not like a fancy book on a bookshelf,
Why judge actions? They are just for distractions,
Silence speaks a million words, all in keywords,
Stand next to the person you love, you will feel like a flying dove,
Under a spell, you wish to forever dwell,
Don’t utter a word, no, not a word, your heart will still sing love foreword,
Silence is understood only by heart, until you depart,
Heart knows who is true, who is untrue, who is playing and who is preying,
Those chills for that someone special, everything around becomes weird and smeared,

Love is not on beauty, dear tutee,
It’s about the real personality, charisma and energy in totality,
Time would tell how far the beauty will walk along,
In journey of love, if at all they belong,

Not everyone is bound to fall in love with everyone they meet,
There are those rights reserved, for that someone special, for an awesome coffee treat,
That someone, who has the ability to change our world, our existence,
Our living, without any giving,
Makes us calm, patient and better,
Not run helter-skelter, needing a sweater,
This special someone, will set your heart on fire, with hell lot of passion and red desire,
Nights change to day, day to another night,
It will make you forget time, worth every dime,
Years become days, a thorough gaze,
Hours like minutes, all for your pin-its,
Life becomes so happy and full of joy, when you spend time with all coy,
Hugs like teddy toy, oh boy!!

It’s just about love, not what’s in it, over it and around it,
It takes a lot to understand what true love is about, no doubt,
Soul to soul connection, no dissection and no complication,
Nothing can break this bond, even if you abscond,
Soul doesn’t ask for earthly pleasures, No, not at all,
Soul doesn’t know what luxury, class and social status is, give this a good miss,
Soul only knows whatever it does is pure for sure,
Sweet demure, nothing obscure,

I don’t fathom, how a person can,
Fall in love and quit on the person in love for someone better? Is this love?
Emotions and time spent together in love,
How can someone, if truly in love, forget these special moments,
Move on in life, giving your place to someone else?
Love never looks for a betterment, it doesn’t either for luxury, classy living or social status,
It only looks for a person, a bond, to just be happy,
If love left you, never turn back as they nullified your love for some breakthrough,
Love is not measured, it’s only treasured,

Never hold a person you love in a cage, like a novel`s first page,
Every person deserves a right to live, with whatever they can give,
Not just be a butter knife or full of strife,
Give freedom by choice and hear the pulsating love noise,
Don’t fear for what’s true, what’s true will remain true,
No matter how much anger you chew,
Don’t fear when love is near,
Love and fear cannot exist together,
Signals bad weather, time to restore feathers,

Love is love, It’s not with your convenience or comforts,
Love doesn’t know your convenience, comforts or status,
When you are with the person you love,
You compromise on everything else,
You don’t compromise leaving your love, for anything, NO,
I have seen people give up on love, for earthly belongings,
What happiness is minus love and plus earthly belongings?
They should know, I don’t know, neither do I comprehend,
What their life is with earthly possessions, without a heavenly blessing of love obsession,
I have also seen people give up everything to be with the person they love,
If someone ever comes across true love,
They will give up on anything, on this earth to be that person,
It’s rare, it’s remarkable, it’s hard to find, hard to lose, hard to let go,
You feel a vacuum when you lose this kind of love,
Something in you is lost forever, you will surely not be you, not a complete you,
You will change, for better or worse,

Love is to overcome pain, agony, forgiveness and a better you,
You may find your true love, anytime, anywhere,
True love will walk and come to you, you don’t have to go in search of it for preview,
Don’t play with true love, it’s exceptional, it may never happen again,
Drown in love, else love will drown you,
Either ways you die, till the final goodbye,

Happiness is not on sale, neither can it be found somewhere,
No one knows where your happiness is,
Your happiness is known only to you, your heart and soul,
A merry soul will dart twinkle on your face,
Like a child with mothers embrace,
World around you, for sure will go upside down, you will have no clue,
You smile for no reason, irrespective of the season,

Love is love, fall in love, feel Love,
I know there was someone on your mind now..

Happy Living !!!

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