The Divine Promise

The Divine Promise prose poem

Uploaded by Sakshi Pandey

November 9, a stroke again in her life,
The broken phone lying near the bed, her eyes filled with tears, a blade in her left hand and bleeding fingers of her right hand, all spoke the same story of betrayal.
She was broken, she was injured and the blade was ready to run through her hand.
As soon as she placed the blade in order to cut her veins,
“What about mom?” a voice shouted from the back.
The picture of her mom came before her eyes, her heart slapped on her face and she threw the blade aside.
She turned back to see who came to save her life,
To her surprise, it was Divine,
The Creator of all, the Destroyer of all, the Almighty Father was there by her side.
“You have given me a miserable life, the human You created has given me a heartbreak and if I want to die, its just because of you”, she complained.
“Before giving you this life, I had certain conditions, I want to remind”, HE replied.
HE made her sit by HIS side, HE kept HIS hand on her head and that very moment the Almighty Father gave her the real message of life. HE said:
“If I had to promise you something, what would it be?
I will not promise that you will always be comfortable,
Because comfort is followed by boredom and discomfort.
I will not promise to fulfil all your desires,
Because desires, whether fulfilled or unfulfilled, bring frustrations.
I will not promise that you will always have good times,
Because if tough times are removed from your life, then certainly you will forget to appreciate joy.
I will not promise to provide you with money, fame or power,
Because they all can be the pathways to miseries.
I will not promise that someone will always be there by your side,
Because separation makes togetherness so wonderful.
Yet if you are willing to walk with me,
If you are still willing to value Love,
I promise, that your life will be the richest and most fulfilling,
I promise, you will have eternal celebration in your life,
I promise, I will cherish you like a King cherishes his crown and I will Love you more than a mother loves her newborn baby.
If you are willing to walk into my arms,
If you are willing to live in my heart,
You will find the one you have always been waiting for…..
You will meet yourself in my arms.
Just be strong and your name will exist till My glory shines in this world,
I promise.”

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