Mourn The Death Of Love

Mourn The Death Of Love long poem

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Today I moan the death of love
A love that was never there
A bond that never existed
A relationship that was never there

Memories that only seemed to matter to me
Words that only seem to hurt me
Actions that have only affected me
How brutal can this love be

You threw me out of your life without a thought
You turned your back on my innocent soul
I still held on to the love I thought you had
Only to be heartbroken and thrown again

You’ve crushed my spirit and my innocence
You’ve changed the word of family
To one I’d rather call mockery
You have had no love or bond with me
And that’s the saddest part I see

For you it’s how the world sees us
For me it was how you see me
All I ever wanted is to be loved and acknowledged
To feel my existence mattered to you
To see pride in your eyes with a boastful smile

You’ve made me look at family bonds with longing
You are a toxic person today I see
You’ll never know what you lost
‘Coz you never really loved me

Today I mourn the death of love
A love that was never there
A bond that never existed
A relationship that was never there

Amidst the fast pace of life I mourn
For the death of the love I thought I had
Of a blood bond I thought I had
Of the only family tie I had

I piece together shattered glass
Of memories I wish I never had
Of pain I wish would just go away

For today I have my own family
And I pray to god I am the best I can be
‘Coz I’d die than rather have my son mourn the death of my love

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