Err’ Morning I wake,
I always look forward to seeing your face,
‘cuz in your eye, I see…
I see how rough or smooth my night was.
How do I know that?
You’re always by my side
I go to wash up myself,
You’re there.
You always got my back
You’re just like a replica of me.
When I smile at you,
You smile back
Every word I utter,
You give them back to me with the same gesture.
Sometimes it’s rude,
Other times,
They were just what I needed,
I said;
They were just what I needed to make my day.
When I’m down,
I speak to you,
And you listen,
But you never say a word
I guess all I needed was a listening ear.
You complete me,
You’re just there
When I needed a shoulder to lean on,
When I needed a pillow to rest my head.


All my life, I thought…
I thought I had a friend,
I trusted you!
With all I had,
My heart,
My life,
I took our relationship to the point…
To the point I told you my secrets
All of it!
I never knew you…
You were a deceiver
A wolf in sheep skin (wool)
I have come to understand the saying
“A leopard can never erase its spots”
I was such a fool,
A fool to have believed all you showed me
To even think you were a replica of me!
And allowed you shower with me.
You were all over me, like a saint
Before I get to the convenience ,
You’re there already,
I thought you were watching out for me,
I thought you got me back,
Oh “Banicles” (in sponge Bob’s voice)
You showed me everything was alright with me,
You never told me my heart was full of evil.
You deceived me.


If only…
If only you told me,
You couldn’t feel my emotions,
You couldn’t see the man from the other side in me.
I wish you were open to me,
I wish you never kept back anything from me.
I wish you were honest,
I wish you were never a player,
A player of emotions,
A foul player,
I’ve lost what I used to call
my friend,
My partner,
My …….
I’ve lost you forever
Never to look back at you ever again.

You’ve DECEIVED many,
You’re more than EVIL

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Auta Kingsley Dembo

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Straight out of Northern Nigeria, born I mid 90s in Kaduna state to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Auta. Second of four children,Auta kings had his primary and secondary school education at the Air force primary school 3 and Air force secondary school at Sam Ethnan Air force Base Ikeja respectively. Currently a student at The Federal University of Technology, Akure studying Meteorology and Climate Science.He is the CEO Auta_kings Concepts, a versatile entity, Artist extraordinaire, Thinker, Graphics Designer, Poet, writer, Weirdo, Meteorologist, and above all, a lover of the Most High God.In the year 2017, April, he was awarded POET OF THE YEAR in FUTA.
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