Birth long poem

Photo by Rev Stan

Nobody likes me, everybody does too
I’m not divine, neither are you.
Why do you hate to hear about a daughter?
And cannot make your brain broader!
You have used me as a tool;
Never allowed me to attend school.

You kill me before I’m even born,
To exploit me is what you have sworn.
You disrespect us and molest us,
Why don’t you suggest us?
You don’t need us anymore.
Is this what you swore
To hurt us more and more?

Some used me as a toy
And said it was for their joy.
I’ve been suffering this for ages;
You have bound me into cages.
Treated me like an animal, I say
All I got from this is dismay.

Am I not the one because of whom
You are standing in this big room?
Which you call earth; you just assumed
You cannot be doomed.
You forget one thing, our dismay
Is costing you one day..

I’m the one you used to disrespect,
You are the one I cannot neglect.
When I regain, rebuild, reform,
You’ll see my powers in all form.
It is just the fight which has begun,
And now you’ll see a new sun.

I’ve taken a new birth,
To terminate stuff like you on this earth.
Stop me if you can with all your mirth,
As I have taken a new birth.

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