A Touch Of Romance

A Touch Of Romance short poem

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My eyes behold a dream
From down a rugged path
Atop a hill it lights up the sky
From beneath the cover of a tree I envy
Wishing on an empty faith
Hopelessly waiting for it to realize
Only an empty echo silently replies
The truth of it grieves my core
So I retreat to a fairy tale
There I continue to dream
For a little touch of romance

But here I lie dormant with forged merriment
Longing for a wish’s fulfillment
Each dawn brings a new romance
Which fade away like morning dew
While some stay for another day
Only to leave me unannounced
Towards a hopeful tomorrow my mind is set
With stumbling steps I walk
Clinging onto an unheard name
A wish ever resounding in my thoughts
For a little touch of romance

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Beautiful 🙂


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