When I am no more!

When I am no more! short poem

How would I know, I am not here?

A stagnant period. A sudden fear.

Who will open my window at dawn?

And snooze my alarm when I am gone.

That creaky cupboard and stubborn drawer

Who will take my warm water shower?

Sleepy mirror, would you forget this face?

Will the air suffer? Just in case!

My words, poems, books and its pages

My stifled thoughts, unimagined images

Will they wait for me in vain?

Or stick to someone else’s pain?

Unseen tomorrows, unheard talks

Claps and shivers and smiles and walks

Where will all of it suddenly go?

Replacing life with an empty flow

Nihility is such a curious bliss

When I am no more,

Who would be imagining this?

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Chandrama Deshmukh

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When poetry touches the soul, everything starts making sense. The inner world seems real and the outer one becomes bearable. When thoughts mixed with words travel through the empty spaces of mind, poetry happens to me. It always has been a mysterious force guiding me through. With two published books and one amaturish blog, I consider myself blessed to have started this journey. An old diary with think brown cover and an over used, end bitten pen. That’s where real magic begins! May you find your undiscovered meanings in my poems. May existence make sense. Even if just for a little while.
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Merton Lee

Thanks for sharing this amazing poem, very insightful, imaginative and contemplative where even Nihility becomes a curious bliss. Wow, this poem is filled with many timeless, memorable lines. Very well written. cheers, Merton Lee


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