The Mirror

The Mirror long poem

Photo by Trixi Skywalker

As she sat and watched at the castle
Beautiful and lavish as it may seem
It had three doors and three doors it had

As She walked towards the first door
Heart racing, feet trembling
She opened it, with all the valor her soul could hold
She saw lush gardens, and overflowing waters
Springs and garlands of flowers hanging from their branches
Blue skies above and green tresses below
She found friends and people who cared
Life was beautiful but not happy

Pretty dresses and handsome princes didn’t fathom her imagination
Fun and frolic wasn’t her evening wine
Laughter at the cost of another’s misery didn’t fulfil her soul
A longing for meaning drove her apart
She felt like the parasite within her body
The chaos was too much to bear
Until it got her throat
The rope showed no more mercy than a knife

But then she remembered the other door
Knocked and entered it piece by piece
In it sat a pot of clay
Alone it stood for its potter

She immersed her hand and felt its warmth
Caressed and felt it in her soul
Molding and curving its edges
Like a tree it grew into the perfect sculpture

At last she was ready for the third door

She was ready to face the reality that lay ahead
She opened and saw with great astonishment
In front, THE MIRROR stood with vines of time

Heaven on earth touched her feet
And God discovered a new kingdom

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