Invisible long poem

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Being invisible is like being a ghost
Being a ghost is like not existing.
The only one who can see you is your shadow
Your companion who never leaves you
But ignores you throughout the day.

Somedays you have to burst into colour from the shades of grey
But you know that you know that darkness will overcome you again
Like the power going out during a storm

Wrote it down on the walls, you were screaming it out
You made it clear, you’re still here, are they listening now?
You’re just a ghost in the halls
There vacant now

You burst out being seen again but quickly disappear into the darkness.
Waiting and waiting for it to turn back on forever But you know it’s going to take a while

It would be too easy to say you’re invisible. Instead you feel painfully visible and entirely ignored You fade away lost inside a memory of someone’s life They say the walls were built to keep you safe But the walls fall down

You know that everybody’s got their demons, not just you
they have them either wide awake or dreaming

Everybody’s different and you are too You really want to fit in so you change You change what you like and what you like But it doesn’t work, you’re different, to different So different that it doesn’t matter to you So different that it doesn’t matter to the world.

You don’t know that it’s good to be different Outstanding from everyone else At some point you realize that you’re on your own You were meant to live in your own world Changing the world And making everything better for yourself

Yes you were a ghost but you had nobody to bring you down
And tear you apart

You love the ones that saw you when you were invisible to everyone else
The ones that helped you get back on your feet The ones that brought you into their lives engulfing you in warmth and happiness

You’re not the stray dog on the street anymore You’re the one that can live under a roof in full light sun or moon The one that will never be ignored And the one who can be strong again

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