A Gift?

A Gift? prose poem

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The meaning of life?
This question has been asked for millennia.
Some say there is no meaning, life is just a placeholder between oblivions.
Others say God breathes life into man for a greater purpose, intimately meaningful.
For some, born in sickness or poverty life can be a miserable go. For others, life can be a beautiful fulfilling experience.
Did God choose which was which? Did God purposely condemn some poor souls to ultimate misery, while granting others bliss?
Would we intentionally deal with our own children in such a way?
To me, at least, this seems unlikely from a loving God. So why is this so? Is it just the luck of the draw from an uncaring expanse, the machine we call the universe?
Are we all just tossed into the mix to hope for the best, make do with the cards dealt?
Base on observation this seems closer to the mark, but
who can say for sure?

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