The Battle Within Me

The Battle Within Me prose poem

Uploaded by Kingsley Kong

Maybe it was just the hand that I was dealt. Never had luck trying to figure life out. I’m doing my best to be the best man I can be. But there’s something evil that dwells deep inside of me. I’m cursed, but I’m trying to be blessed. Every move I make seems to be a f&*king test. The anxiety that sweeps over me can’t be explained. It’s like a minefield inside my brain. Random thoughts just explode and fill me with pain. When it rains it pours, when it pours, it rains. The storm just brews like a hurricane. It spins and swirls, spirals and whirls. My brain and my heart constantly quarrel. What’s right seems wrong, what’s wrong seems right. It’s a daily battle, and it gets worse at night. I lie awake in bed fighting my thoughts, trying to live right in a world full of wrong. It’s good vs evil. Angels vs demons, God vs Satan. My hearts debating, it’s God I’m craving, but a slave to Satan. It’s money I’m chasing. The ways of the world. Power and fortune. You can keep the fame. I wanna be rich a man without a name. But all at what cost? Eternal torture and pain? In the fiery depths of hell scortching in flames? Just so I can drive a Porsche, and own my own plane. A mansion in the mountains, a high rise in the sky, a yacht that’s for the ocean, docked at a private island. A bad chick for a wife, super model style, living the dream. Or So it seems, but once I die, what’s it all mean? I can’t take it with me. It’s now pointless it seems. But what about a mansion in heaven? The one promised to me. With the streets of gold and no more agony.The pain is gone,happiness arrives. People all perfect, and eternally alive. No more sickness,poverty,or hunger. Through Christ alone, it makes you wonder,why is it such a hard choice to make Life is so short but we have no patience to wait.

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