Hallucination! long poem

Uploaded by Fatima Masood

I see the handsome man by my side
Wrapping cold his hands around my waist
Facing my view with eye to eye levels
Pasting his chest against mine
Clever he, for feminine my taste
Smart me to twist calling it “time waste”
View changes for me to hear the waves
I am walking by the sea shore
No one to accompany me
I am all alone therefore
Breeze rattling my hearts’ windows
My hair set free from bands
I smelled the romance of air with skin
Playing with the sea shells and building sand castles
My passions at fire , let’s have a swim
I want feel the transcross oceans
Surfing, feeling the high tides by windy thrush
View takes me in the middle of hotel
Ordering the waiters and gossiping with friends
That chinese quizzines and my mouth waters
Orcastera though classic and memory battles
Opening my eyes at 12 in the night
OMG that horrible mind fight
Heart is concerned with my overthinking monster
Irrevocable it is and all in vain
Why to implore over this futile pain
In between the sheets, I think of you MAN
your silky smooth gestures but I am insane
Tip tops tips still that rain
Ooooops how my feelings drain
Eyes close , mind shut, not a single thought again
Helpless me to memorize Newtons’ Third law
Swiftly my mind playing different cards
If I have issues of apathy or what
Love as if smuggeled by some force
My reaction is nil for that time course
My memories take me six years back
I was resentful at the poor chap
Over head while positioning my cap
I threw the beautiful smile for no reason
He was amazed by my quirks
Some electricity in my heart’s outskirts
Impossible for men to manipulate me
I left the mystery dare calculate me
I open my eyes, it’s three in the night
O lord help me win this endless fight
I think sleep is way too far
In air of melancholy I am leaving my bed
Sleep is the thing perhaps too expensive for me
This woman has been awake for ages you never know
Making her self a cup of tea
Giving herself some benzodiazepenes
Treating her depression and sleepless nights
Her Na and k channels at horrible heights
Switching between the apps
Curling up with some book
Light music too ears
Intense exhaustion or dark cozy room
Poor that lady feels difficult falling asleep
Every night after slathering the night lotions
Her bedsheets tell her deep notions
May be one day you Will stop her fascination
Her wild curiosity leading infinitive questions
Her warm imaginations to stop
To end her night punishment
Her nightly hallucination! One day

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I am pharmacy student ...recently studying in quaidiazam university...am from pakistan......i believe life as the transition between the soul and the body ...try to penetrate your soul and your life would be Spiritual all over!
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