what are restrictions?.
A big question mark..?
Specially to a girl,
which force her to abnegate herself.
She abolishes,
But could not polish.
In hearts dreams are wide,
The fact is they are dead.
Dreams are viewed,
In a deep sleep ,a reel life.
But are never ever viewed in reality.
What not a heart says to do,
But develops an ability to bear” No”.
Every time feelings felt lousy,
The situation made her mousy.
Seeing others, feeling happy,
Made it a habit.
The day passes searching for a reason,
She stares,but is scared.
Dreams are prepared,
But knows that would never be repaired.
No one to listen her command,
Nothing to demand.
Surviving, because life is made to survive.
No matters how long we live,
Matters is the way we live..!

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