Sad Woman In Me!

Sad Woman In Me! long poem

Uploaded by Fatima Masood

People crying in the east and west
Few for the dreams built to be the best
Few for the food or attack of pest
Few for the losses with wounded chest
Few over their davestated nest
Pity for few and tears for the rest
The weakest souls worrying on earth
How dare we to pass YOUR very test
Be merciful over the poor breaths
Challenging my mind this query of birth
I firmly have faith in you,O Lord!
Still there are mysteries unresolved
When the crying parted lips will taste each other
When your nonbelievers will pay for the blood of my brother
When the tear glands will shed no more
When dead hearts will take fresh breath
When the oceans of terror will calm their wreath
When bad blood will merge and run in good veins
When love of humanity will fill the hatred holes
When the scars of fighters will really be meant
When the dear lands will be rewarded for their soldiers sent
When the authorities will shake hands with the real needs
When the clouds of cruelty clear off the country’s sky
When there will be no meanings to pain furthur
When man and woman will relate as sister and brother
When the reign justice and true democracy will come
When the politicians will no more be just money drum
When the riches and the poor will stand together
Hand in hand, future son and the past father
When Afia will be back in her home with honour
When Kashmir and Israel like states will be blessed with peaceful shower
When, when, when,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Indeed the visibility of RIGHTEOUS power
Too much depth in my sad woman painful philosophy
Overthinking seems to be her souls’ luxury
Night begins with When and Morning forgets story
Every day her sadness multiplies its glory
Struggle is the plan and bitter facts to face
May be we very near to revolution’ pace
Till than I m satisfying my sad woman saying
One day the sky will embrace our earth
When colors of hope will take real birth
For the smile of poor lips and marry of sad hearts
One day all good dreams will come true
One day ,,,,,,,
Till than I satisfy my woman , reviving hope and rejuvenating her strengths
Till than,,,,,,,,,,,,,
She will think and be depressed
Enjoys coffee with her hallucination
Feels fake lovely sensation
My pretty piercing and recollecting woman
Till then,,,,,,,,,,, my sad sad woman!!!!!

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I am pharmacy student ...recently studying in quaidiazam from pakistan......i believe life as the transition between the soul and the body ...try to penetrate your soul and your life would be Spiritual all over!
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