Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells short poem

Photo by GU / 古天熱

Wedding bells.
Ringing outside the parish.
On top of a lonely hill
Introduced by a small decent white-sand path
Surrounded by neat green grass,
Overlooking a deep silent river
With waters reflecting the sky
Just as my heart reflects yours.

(Mezzo piano)
Yes,i am a mirror.
I am what you are
And you see yourself in me.
Listen to the cry of these metals
Inviting all family and friends
To this joyous occasion.
The wind blows softly
Gently blowing the silk decors
Even a blind man can see
The beauty of summer on this venue.

It’s only unique natural beauty
It’s not wealth or extravaganza
It’s only simplicity
Like your personality.
One day of my life
I’ll live to remember.
Without gold or diamond on me
I shone with beauty in the sun
Because of your words that made me glow

Bright yellow daisies
Dance on the carpet of grass
To the tune of soft blowing wind
Exactly as we dance
To the tune of softly playing violins
Entering the garden
Not of Eden but to the altar
Where unbreakable promises are made.

Wedding bells
Ringing outside the parish
Slowly fade away into the air,
Like their echoes vanish
Into the deep river.
The green grass turns pale
The hill shrinks
The river,and the sky become indistinguishable

Tell me it wasn’t a dream
That I saw the summer sky
Please don’t let the gloom
Fill me with tears and loneliness
Let me hear that the wedding bells
Are a dream I will never have to wake up.

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Kishan Negi

hi disa, felt happy to accept your friendship request.

very nice poetry with beautiful expressions feelings. for me, poetry is to let your inner thoughts and ideas to flow into beautiful words. after reading your poem, I am sure you have deep and serious ideas for a good poetry. all the best new friend. have a nice time. may god bless you.



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