No Penny For Dreams

No Penny For Dreams short poem

Uploaded by Dr. Disha Khanna

Hope and dreams
Fill Schemes.

Slippery as soap
Both dreams and hope.

My dreams have seen
The things that might have been.

The sweat it seems
Is a part of my dreams.

I sit by the streams
With moonlight dreams.

I rise up from my dreams
With new found themes.

‘New Found Themes’ come to roam
To the hearth in my home.

Aspiring dreams
So it seems.

Everything it seems
Is beyond my dreams.

But never question my dreams
For they come in streams.

Just chase my dreams
However hard it seems.

I accomplish my dreams
With well thought out schemes.

At times it seems
He is always in my dreams.

Dreams have no logic
But plenty of magic.

Dreams reside
In the magic carpet ride.

Dreams make me whole
With a look into the soul.

Dreams are penniless
Of the soul it speaks.

Let’s start assuming
That life is about dreaming.

Sit by the stream
Dreaming beautiful dreams.

Bearing in mind, dreams will come true
By just using the right glue!

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A PhD in American Literature, Dr Disha Khanna- The Diva! possesses 10 years of hands on experience in the field of teaching at the university level. Dr Khanna, a philosophical, fun loving and adventurous person is the content writer of school and college books. She has to her credit the translation of Hindi novel to English "The World Beyond the Motherland". Dr Khanna is the twice recipient of "The Best Researcher's Award" at LPU in the field of Arts & Languages. Currently, Dr Khanna is working as the Associate Professor at GNA University, and even the supervisor to many research scholars.
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