Love’s Demise

I woke up, got hit by a rock
No wait, feels more like a truck
It doesn’t matter
I’m broken and my heart is scattered
Listen closely friend; LOVE does not matter

Those empty promises, shallow vows
The memories, the dates, the anniversaries
The kisses, the sex;
Truth & the Lies
I just lay here now
Stiff with no life

Days gone by, the months & the years too
It was all but a lost cause, falling in love with you
Those darn feelings keep resurfacing
And pain is all they keep causing
I want to run away as far as I’d like to
But nothing seems to go my way

All that I knew of love then,
Seems like a fiction of my imagination
Picturesque dreams & fairy tale endings
Love to me now, is nothing but a warning
And I’ve begun to take caution

They say jump in and let go
Lovers few, fools too many to know
But it seemed like a dream and I just kept falling
To that point of no return and all those clichéd notions
It kept happening to me till I was left with no emotion
Life stopped and I lost hope
You messed me up
I’m miserable now, I got no scope

That Ray of hope they talk about
Is nothing but a sinking boat
I’ve sailed that ship too many times
Stranded alone on those shores

So it bewilders me now and sometimes I’m amazed
By the foolishness of one’s folly
To fall in love and be happy;
When all you get is misery and the melancholy
And it all ends in tragedy
Nothing more can you expect
For Love is but a catastrophe

So listen carefully
And don’t say I didn’t warn you
Heed now my advice
And you will never have to learn
Of Love’s Demise.

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