In The Woods

In The Woods prose poem

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Far from the hubbub of city
nature nursed a dense forest
and preserved the primitive air.

A roaming fairy rested here for sometime
loved the light and shade and murmur of leaves.
The Lord of Woods came and proposed to her.

The union changed the forest to a habitable nest,
the still air changed to mild breeze, rivulets sang,
and dignity of the forest melted away.

A flying dragon brought his mistress here.
The younger fairy came to meet her sister,
sun and moon peeped through, gloominess vanished.

What a peaceful place!
Cool and far from madding crowd.
Green and black coexist like human nature.

The mistress loved the place,
found her sister’s brother a lovelier being.
Flowers blossomed, birds chirped, bond grew on.

Flying dragon moved freely around,
had plenty of plants and animals to feed,
but no work or friends.

He felt drowsy and surrendered to sleep.
Minutes engulfed hours and hours- days.
Trees grew up, roots entangled him.

He had no hunger or thirst but dream only.
Trees grew around him, roots engulfed his body and mind.
His body dissipated, he turned to bushes.

His mistress found her life partner,
The woods became her sweet home,
the home pulsated with colors and tunes.

The mistress had many sons and daughters,
her spell was gone and she rested in the woods.
The place became a neat hamlet.

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Brought up at the lap of nature, traveled around thousand miles for bread and butter but finally returned to poetry, my boyhood love.
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