No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow prose poem

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-Good morning Captain!
Hey you there… May you have a day full of life!
-Am I late captain?
Who cares! Look at the horizon.
It seems to be dawn
Or the dusk…
-It’s hard to believe they look the same
Can you see those files full of corns
Those seeds…
-Is it autumn at home Captain?
-What time of year is it?
You lost track of time brother!!
Everybody does…
Preserve your wrath brother…
Past is not enough, nor is your present…
-Do I live in…..
Live? ‘Alive’ brother…. So much alive
That child was nude… So was the flame!
The kid was sleeping on his brother’s back!
The sleep we all sleep in memory of life….
-What’s the plan Captain?
Plan? Does the universe really need a plan?
Put that thing down… It’s no use anymore
It’s getting warmer
Like mother’s lap, like childhood…
Like those sunbeams touching your face gently…
-What’s the move captain?
Do what you are born for
Hold your breath, hold your wound, hold your Arms-
Now you are too vulnerable to immortality
Every drop counts Cap’in… Every last drop counts
-My instincts no longer respond to the shells
This soul is numb as the body…
Can you see that coming brother?
Are you afraid?
-Does it hurt? That dark cold world..?
It would be warmer than the sunbeams… Warmer than life…
Warmer than………

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